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The DIY Archive Contributors

Nothing on this site would would be here without the heroic efforts of the people that have been contributing their time and efforts to bring you the material presented on this site! This page is devoted to those people. Please feel free to contact them and thank them for their involvement!

Past Curators


Tony Allgood

Ben Kuris


David Leigh

Tadej Bozicko

Kevin Lightner

Ola van der Brook

Piero Manzo

Robin Bussell

Kenneth Martinez

Michael Caloroso

Terry Michaels

Sean Costello

Mike Nail

Chris Crosskey

Trevor Page

Jeff R. Dec

Jim Patchell

Dragon Servicing

Philip Pilgrim

Sam Ecoff

Bob Schrum

Scott Evans

Anders Sponton

Juergen Haible

Ken Stone

Robert Hayton

Stewart Walker


Note : As of 02/2007 I have started updating this page with URLs where I can. If I couldn't find an appropriate website, I've just used the original ( probably outdated ) email addresses.

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