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This page contains manuals to various synths, effects, and other miscellaneous electronics. Scanning in all of the pages in a service manual can take a massive amount of time and effort! While it is our goal to make as many of these available to you as we possibly can, remember that it is a slow process! It may take months to scan in a whole set of documents and clean them up so that they can be posted here in the smallest size and the best quality possible.

If you find information on this page helpful, please send a kind email to the curator or to the contributor responsible for the material. After all, we spent quite a bit of our time making this information available to you!


If you do not find a manual listed here, I probably don't have it. Also, if it were on the net, I would post a link to it (assuming I know about the site in question). So please DO NOT EMAIL ME asking for manuals NOT listed or linked to from this site!

If you have any questions about manuals that ARE hosted here or are linked, please email me. Especially if you find any broken links!







Sequential Circuits




Miscellaneous Manuals and datasheets


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