Attachment 'prodmod.txt'

Moog Prodigy FM Mod.

This mod can be applied in moderation to brighten the typical Moog bass sound or 
in excess to create wild metalic sounds. When Osc sync is out!! 

3  20-22awg wires
1  50k log pot

1. Drill hole in control surface that will accept the 50k pot. (Below filter section is fine)
2. Connect hot side (cw pin) of R74  (Osc2 level pot) to hot side of 50k FM pot.
3. Connect ground side of R74 to low side (ccw pin) of 50k FMpot. (The new pot is simply parallel with R74)
4. Connect center pin of 50k FM pot to "VCF In" on circuit board. (At R144)
5. Mount new pot in control surface.
6. Enjoy!

                          |                     | 
                          /                     /
                          \                     \
                    ---- >/                     /<----------- To "VCF In" R144
                          \                     \
                          /                     /
                          |                     |

                         R74                 FM Mod
                     Osc2 Level

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