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add   all   be   below   better   Bokmal   Bulgarian   but   Chinese   clean   comments   contain   Croatian   Czech   Danish   Dutch   each   Finnish   for   French   functions   group   Group   grouping   Hebrew   Hungarian   if   If   in   In   Indonesian   Italian   item   Japanese   Korean   language   Latvian   level   list   lists   make   must   names   new   No   no   Norwegian   of   on   one   only   onto   original   other   page   Pages   pages   please   Please   Polish   Portuguese   put   Romanian   Russian   Serbian   should   Simplified   Spanish   stuff   Swedish   System   system   that   The   the   There   they   This   this   to   Traditional   translate   translation   Turkish   use   work   you   your  

Clear message

This is a list of all group pages grouping system pages of one language each:

If you do a new translation, please add your group page here.

/!\ The first level list for the group must only contain the names of the pages in that group. No English original names, no comments - better put that stuff onto a 2nd-level list item below the 1st-level one. Moin has functions to make use of the group pages, but they do only work if the 1st-level list is "clean". There should be no other 1st-level lists on the pages.

/!\ Please do not translate this page.

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