Here you can find links that were thought to be useful to people visiting this site. It is arranged by category.

DIY enthusiasts sites with schematics

Anders Sponton's Cloned Analog Gear

ARP Technology - Some ARP schematics

The Bergfotron - Highly custom modular by Jorgen Bergfors (updated 9-9-02)

Spider RooM Labs - Bojan Burkeljc's PIC Projects

Carlos Vila Deutschbein's Site - Polyfusion VCA and more

Cayocosta DIY Pro Audio Recording Gear

Chris MacDonald's DIY page - VCO boards available.

Classic and Vintage Audio Circuits - Neve and LA2A schematics

Dave Krooshof's Site - Check out the unique instruments!

Dave Magnuson's DIY Page - Old Datasheets

amzfx formerly Digital Music Zone - Schematics for effects units.

Don Tillman's Site

Electronic Peasant - DIY projects on the cheap!

Godric's Home Page - Schematic for home built sequencer ( link to Internet Archive )

Henry's Exciting Electronics - Lots of analogue goodness

Hoshuyama's Synth Circuits - Unique Japanese circuits

Juergen Haible's Home Page

Introspectiv - Trevor Page's website

Jesp's TB-303 and drum clones - In spanish.

Jim Patchell's Synthesizer DIY Page

Ken Stone's Synthesizer Page

The Leper's Abode --More effects circuits.

Magnus Danielson's Site

Marc Bareille's Site - Excellent ASM-1 build!

Marc Heijligers's DIY DAC project

Marjan Urekar's Site

Mark Melvin's DIY Synth

Martin Czech's site

Michael Ruberto's Site

Music Machines DIY page - Great archive of circuits!

Music Synthesizer - Grant Richter's DIY Site

Oakley Sound Systems - Tony Allgood's web page

Pat's Tube Schematics

Purple Audio's Resource Page - Some vintage manuals

Rick Jansen's Electronic Music Projects - Also check out the DIY mailing list!

Rob William's Odyssey Home Page - Great Odyssey resource!

Roman Sowa's Homade Modular - With schematics!

Sean Costello's Schematics - Another Internet Archive link

Scott Bernardi's synth OGEE - With schematics - Free webspace for SynthDIY pages. Many excellent resources here.

Steven Thomas' Synth-A Clone

Studio 440 Modifications

Synth DIY Beginners Page - Excellent resources for beginners! ( Another Internet Archive link )

Synthfool!- Kevin Lightner

Tom Gamble's Electronics For Music

Tomi Engdahl's Audio Circuits Links Page

Oberheim Heaven - Documentation/patches

Yves Usson's Synth DIY site

Commercial sites with kits and schematics

Blacet Research Music Products

EIO's Artistic Application Using Electronic Components - Site is up and lists link, but link is dead. Need to follow up.

Electronotes - Considered to be the Bible of Synth DIY


PAiA Electronics, Inc. - A company that sells DIY kits. - Makes Moog format-sized modulars for cheap!

Synthesis Technology - Home of MOTM and site for CEM information

Synthi Group Netherlands - manuals for sale in the Netherlands - Miscellaneous circuits and software programs

Tom Scarff's MIDI Hardware Kits

Trimlog Technologes - Sweden distributor for PAiA and components

North Coast Music - Vox Schematics

Sites with Tutorials and References

Roy J. Tellason's Parts Pages - Huge collection of datasheets and parts information.

ECE480 Electronic Guides - Great resource for beginners

MITA International - A support list of technicians

Synthesizer Service and Repair

Synth Services - Tom Moravansky & Co.

Synth Service UK - No relation to above

Electronics suppliers - General

Allied Electronics

ARC Eelectronics

Digi-Key Corporation


Mouser Electronics

Newark Electronics

SWS Electronics

Electronics Suppliers - Tubes

Antique Electronic Supply

New Sensor Corporation--Sovtek

Tube World

Electronics Suppliers - Audio Transformers

API Audio Products

Jensen Transformers

Sowter Audio Transformers

Electronics Suppliers - Surplus Dealers

All Electronics Corp.


Altex Electronics

B.G. Micro

Circuit Specialists, Inc.

Electronics Information Online

Halted Electronics Supply

PCB Manufacturer Links

Alberta Printed Circuits - Canadian -- next day processing

World Wide Circuit Design Network

OlimexFast PCB Prototypes - Located in Bulgaria!

Express PCB

EP Circuits - Canadian 1-week turnaround

PCB Milling - Prototype Milled PCBs!

PCBFabExpress - Another PCB fab shop.

Sparkfun's BatchPCB

Miscellaneous Links From site : Best of modular, modular synth, eurorack, SDIY, modular builds, news and more

Creative Synth - Great quirky site devoted to synths and programming

Dan Slater's Music Page - Using Analog Computers! ( link goes to Internet Archive )

Effects Database

The RCA Synthesizer - Information on the infamous machine! ( note: new link, may not have the same information at the previously listed but missing site )

Tomi Engdahl's Music Electronics Page - links ( now a link to his main page )

Tangible Technology - Interesting audio information

USSR Synthesizers - Hard to find information! - Electrical Glossary and Terms ( suggested by Noah )

Music Retailers And Online Auction Houses Links

Vemia - Online vintage music al instrument auctions

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